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Okay. The plan is we need to distract them with something before they actually sacrifice us to the Rain Gods. Then, when they’re distracted, we run away.

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Not love. Not always.

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Shamelessly rockin’ my own design ^__^ also.. made some new versions


I’m not a fool, sweetie. I know what happens if we touch.

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they’ll write songs for us

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you’re always here to me

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I only worked with David on two episodes. And he’s lovely, really lovely, but a very different creature to Matt. When we would stop filming… David would immediately go and continue playing a game of cards that he had set up with the crew, or we would play random word games, or something just to keep him going. Matt… Matt is a phenomenal footballer, soccer player, in fact he could have been professional! So he likes to kind of kick a ball around. He has a guitar that he’ll play in his trailer. he’s more rock and roll than David, that’s for sure! And I suppose my allegiance at the moment is more leading with Matt just because I know him better.

Alex Kingston, responding to fan question, ‘Are David and Matt equally fun to work with?’ at the 2012 Florida Supercon (via areyoumarriedriver)

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Made it available on Redbubble [x] :) [original]

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