Anna Chancellor and Toby Stephens on The Andrew Marr Show 14 July 2013

Emilia Fox on Loose Women – January 9, 2013


Alex Kingston in The Story of the Costume Drama - Boudica Warrior Queen [part 4]


"The costumes change in a very subtle way throughout the series. And it wasn’t just the costumes, it was also the hairstyles. In fact, I was more aware of time changing through the hair. I certainly remember just towards the end of the series suddenly instead of Moll having these sort of big ringlets and sort of almost like spaniel ears, all of a sudden the hair went sort of much higher and was much sort of slicker" x

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Alex Kingston : Radio 4. Woman’s Hour. 2006.

Fans have wanted Nikki and Harry to get together for a long time… Will that ever happen?

Emilia: That is the biggest debate of all. We spend hours and hours talking about this. 
Tom: You could do it, but I don’t think you could sustain it, because that would be signalling the end of the series for one of us – you couldn’t continually have a husband-and-wife pathology team.
Emilia: Why not?
Tom: Because it sounds like a Sixties sitcom, dreamt up by someone on wacky baccy!
Emilia: But we could be having a baby pathologist! 
Tom: A baby pathologist? You could give birth on the slab!
Emilia: Don’t joke about that – you might be the one delivering it!

 TV Times

- What does home mean to you?

"My home is really where the people that I love are, my family, my friends, my work environment. I’ve lived in different places in the world but I think it’s where you feel most protected. That’s where my home is, where you feel most loved."



Alex, Karen’s and Arthur’s favourite places to go in London <3 

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“You just like the chase don’t you, Tom?”

This is PERFECTION. Does anybody have a link to this interview??

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